Michael David Murphy Photography

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I'm a highly experienced photographer, based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. I started back in the days of film and darkroom printing, was an early adopter of digital photography back in the 1990s, going completely digital in 2005. 

I have the knowledge and skill to capture almost any type of image with my camera and to process the captured image on my computer for optimum resultsI have continued to learn right through my photography career, keeping well abreast of new developments and technology, as I believe this is vitally important in continuing to produce high quality imagery for my clients and for myself. 

I am equally at home working indoors or outdoors, with natural or artificial lighting and in colour or black and white. As an accomplished landscape photographer, I love to incorporate beautiful outdoor scenes in my wedding and engagement work but I am equally adept working indoors in the dim lighting of a church.  

I pride myself on my work. I am absolutely reliable and committed to providing my clients with images that they will love and cherish for the rest of their lives. I go out of my way to provide my clients with whatever types of pictures they want.

I am a perfectionist by nature and I always aim high in whatever I do. Few things make me happier than when my clients tell me they love my pictures. I am as enthusiastic now as I was on the day I first discovered the joy of photography. I hope that my love for what I do is transmitted through my imagery - that is certainly the aim.

I am also a former professional geologist with a BSc from University College Dublin and a PhD (doctorate) degree in volcanology and geochemistry from the  University of Bristol.

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