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Engagement Photography

All wedding packages include an engagement or pre-wedding shoot. You receive an online gallery, similar to your wedding gallery, with at least 20 images suitable for online viewing and sharing on social media as well as two high quality A4 prints. The aim of the pre-wedding shoot is to get couples interacting with each other, looking natural, having fun and generally ignoring the camera - lots of cuddles, smiles, giggles, laughs and kisses. The pre-wedding shoot can greatly enhance your wedding day photographic experience, as you are more likely to be relaxed and behaving naturally together in front of the camera, having practised first. 

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We normally shoot outdoors in a location of your choice, such as a country park, an urban setting or even the wedding venue itself. We take our time, as these shoots are a really important and integral part of your wedding photography. The sessions are usually great fun, providing an opportunity for couples to focus totally on each other with only the minor distraction of a camera. You can also include children and even animals in these shoots if you wish.

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I also offer standalone, no-commitment engagement shoots at a cost of £85. If you go on to book me for your wedding, then the engagement shoot is free and any payments you have made are deducted from the cost of the wedding photography. The Engagement Package does not include high resolution images suitable for printing. You can choose to purchase extra high quality prints or download 10 high resolution images for a cost of £75. See the Prices  page for print pricing.

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