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Recently I was asked an interesting question "What do you need to be a dog photographer?" and it gave me pause for thought. My answer was along the following lines, much of which applies to most other areas of photography as well. 

Firstly, a basic prerequisite is having a camera and lenses that allow full control over the settings and can deliver high quality images suitable for printing. Very importantly for action photography, the camera-lens combo must be capable of very fast autofocus to track fast-moving dogs.  However, more important again is having the photographic knowledge and skills required to take properly exposed, sharp,  in-focus pictures. This comes only with experience. 

Secondly, you need an understanding of lighting, whether natural or artificial. Equally important is control of background and overall environment, so that the pictures emphasise the dog. This can mean blurring the background or using an environment that suits the pictures.

Thirdly, you need the equipment and skills to edit the images after the shoot. This involves colour and contrast correction, cropping and general image enhancement, using a computer program such as Lightroom and/or Photoshop. 

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Fourthly, you need to love dogs and have an abundance of patience during the shoot. Each dog is different and it is important to take time to get to know the dog and the owner,  taking a relaxed approach with no time constraints in order to get really natural pictures. Above all the experience should be really enjoyable for all involved.

I can confidently say I have all of the above attributes and am happy to offer my services if you would like a set of high quality pictures of your dog. We normally shoot outdoors in parks, gardens or fields, where your dog can run around, providing the opportunity to take some action shots as well as portraits.  Action shots are technically difficult as dogs  tend to move fast but they are  well worth the effort.

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I offer three dog photography packages: 

Mini Dog Photo Shoot:  £55 - includes two 5x7" or one A4 print and a private online gallery with at least 10 images suitable for online viewing and sharing on social media. 
This is available in Peterborough city only.

Standard Dog Photo Shoot: £95 -  includes four 5x7" or two A4 prints and a private online gallery with at least 15 images suitable for online viewing and sharing on social media.

Maxi Dog Photo Shoot: £175 - includes two 5x7" or one A4 print, an 18x12" or 16x16" canvas and a private online gallery with at least 20 images suitable for online viewing and sharing on social media. 

You choose your print or prints from the online gallery. You can choose to have all your pictures in colour, in monochrome (black and white or toned) or a mixture, which many people prefer. You can let me know your preference before or during the session.

Extra A4 prints cost £12 each. If you choose a Maxi shoot, then you can opt to have a framed print instead of a canvas at the same size for an extra £20. Other print sizes can also be ordered. See the Prices page for further information.

The packages are flexible and I am happy to provide a bespoke quote in advance to suit your specific requirements. 
 The package prices include delivery of prints and canvases. Prices are valid for localities within a radius of approximately 20 miles (32 km) from central Peterborough except for the mini shoot which is only available in the Peterborough city area.

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